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To speak with a representative directly about your Hotel options, call
(877) 824-0462. Operators available daily from 6am – 11:30pm.
In addition to camping and B&Bs, there are also more than 65 different locations where you can rent various kinds of cabins and cottages. Here are a few examples:

MP 13.5 – Cabin Creekwood is towards the northern end of the Pakway and is in a truly restful setting. You have your choice of a 200-year-old log cabin, a modern mountain home, or any number of options in between.

MP 177.7 – A Blue Ridge Haven Log Cabin. This is a contemporary log cabin built in the Appalachian style. It has one bedroom and a loft and can sleep a total of 8. Although rustic in its look, it includes air conditioning, WI-FI, gas fireplace, laundry and beautiful views.

MP 331 – Springmaid Mountain Cabins. This is a 400-acre retreat along the North Toe River that lets you really get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. In a tranquil setting you can choose to do any number of activities, including fishing, tubing and horseback riding.

MP 443.1 – Boyd Mountain Log Cabins. This property includes 7 18th-century restored antique log cabins on land that includes 40 acres of Fraser Fir trees, 3 stocked fishing ponds, 5 miles of hiking trails, and stream good for fishing as well.

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