Getting Around

There are three main ways of getting around on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and each one has its own merits. Below you’ll find tips and information about DRIVING (cars, motorcycles, RVs), BIKING and HIKING. The main thing to keep in mind regardless of what form of transportation you use was pointed out by American musical group Poi Dog Pondering in their song “The Ancient Egyptians” – You get to know things better when they go by slow. So slow down and spend some time making your way along America’s Favorite Drive.

Please note that the MAXIMUM speed limit on the Parkway is 45 mph, and it is often less than that in many areas. If it’s foggy or rainy, slow down even more. Keep an eye peeled for wildlife that might cross the road at any moment. There are lots of tight spiraling curves that, unlike most curves in other roads, get tighter as you move through them – don’t be caught off guard! Driving the Parkway is just a little…READ MORE

Riding your bicycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway can be a deeply satisfying way of forging a closer connection to the land. Be sure to wear high visibility clothing and a helmet. Make sure you bicycle is outfitted with all the required reflectors so that automobile drivers can see you. Stay as far…READ MORE

If you really want to get to know the land of the Blue Ridge Parkway, another great way to do that is by hiking the more than 350 miles of trails that can be found along its length. Be sure you wear sturdy hiking shoes and stay...READ MORE 

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