With more than 1,600 species of plants (which includes trees), there are obviously too many to list here. So the focus will just be on wildflowers as well as fall foliage, since those are what most visitors are interested in when it comes to plants on the Parkway.

Daniel Boone Native Gardens

This is an excellent collection of plants native to the area, including wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Types of gardens on display here include a fern garden, bog garden, rhododendron grove, and several others.


Wildflowers come out to show off their blooms in late April and early May, but there are many plants that flower throughout the growing season. Please remember that it is illegal to pick any part of any plant on Parkway lands.

Fall Foliage

The most common major trees that you’ll see in the lower elevation of the Parkway include oak, hickory, and tulip trees. The middle elevations have a lot of buckeye and ash while the higher elevations are dominated by conifers such as spruce and fir trees.

It’s impossible to really determine when the best colors will be and where on the Parkway. October in general is going to be the best month overall. Whether or not any given year is going to be a good leaf color year is dependent on a complex host of environmental factors beyond anyone’s ability to predict.