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Getting to the Blue Ridge Parkway couldn’t be easier. Below are several ways to get yourself on America’s Favorite Drive:

From the North

If you want to begin your exploration at its northern end, it begins in Waynesboro, VA, at the southern end of the Skyline Drive, just east of Interstate 81 where Interstate 64 and US Route 250 come together. This is about 12 miles east of Staunton, VA and about 23 miles west of Charlottesville, VA.

From the South

The southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway is in the southwestern corner of North Carolina, just a few miles north of the town of Cherokee, along US Route 441. It also crosses the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway (US Routes 23 and 74) southwest of Waynesville, NC.

From the West

Coming from the West, most folks will want to find their way to Interstate 64, which joins up with Interstate 81 in Lexington, VA. Just realize that in the bigger picture, the Blue Ridge Parkway parallels Interstate 81 all the way into North Carolina, although as you head south, the distance between the two increases.

From the East

If you think of Interstate 81 and Interstate 95 forming the western and eastern boundaries of a long channel down through Virginia and North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway hugs the western boundary of that channel. But if you’re anywhere along the coast and Interstate 95, you’re never more than a half day’s drive from the Blue Ridge parkway. Up at the northern end of the road, it’s a 100-mile drive west of Richmond along Interstate 64 to get to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Waynesboro. At the southern end of the road, from such eastern cities as Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Asheville, it’s Interstate 40 and US Route 19 that get you to Cherokee.

Other Connecting Points Along the Way

The Blue Ridge Parkway goes near several different cities along its length. In Virginia, as previously mentioned, it is 23 miles west of Charlottesville. It lies around 21 miles west of Lynchburg if you follow either VA Route 130 or US Route 501. It goes around Roanoke on that city’s eastern and southern sides. In North Carolina, it lies about one-and-a-half hours east of such towns as Bristol TN/VA and Johnson City, TN. It also skirts around the southern and eastern sides of Asheville, NC and runs just east of Boone, NC. You’ll notice that all of those cities and towns are to the east of Interstate 81, so if you’re on or near Interstate 81, you’re never far from America’s Favorite Drive.

Access Points to the Blue Ridge Parkway

There are 38 different access points that can be used to enter the Blue Ridge Parkway, so pick from the list below to begin your journey on America’s Favorite Drive:

  • MP 0 – US Route 250 and I-64 in Afton, VA, nearby to Waynesboro and Charlottesville.
  • MP 27.2 – VA Route 56, Montebello & Steele’s Tavern, in Vesuvius, VA.
  • MP 45.6 – US Route 60 in Vesuvius, VA, nearby to Amherst, Buena Vista and Lexington
  • MP 61.4 – VA Route 130 in Monroe, VA, nearby to Glasgow and Lynchburg.
  • MP 63.7 – US Route 501 in Big Island, VA, nearby to Glasgow and Lynchburg.
  • MP 85.9 – VA Route 43 in Bedford, VA.
  • MP 90.9 – VA Route 43 in Buchanan, VA.
  • MP 106 – US Route 460 in Blue Ridge, VA.
  • MP 112.2 – VA Route 24 in Vinton, VA, nearby to Roanoke.
  • MP 121.4 – US Route 220 in Roanoke, VA.
  • MP 135.9 – US Route 221 in Floyd, VA.
  • MP 165.3 – VA Route 8 in Floyd, VA.
  • MP 177.7 – US Route 58 in Meadows of Dan, VA.
  • MP 199.4 – US Route 52 in Fancy Gap, VA.
  • MP 215.8 – VA Route 89 in Galax, VA (LAST ACCESS POINT IN VA).
  • MP 217.3 – NC Route 18 in Ennice, NC.
  • MP 229.7 – US Route 21 in Glade Valley, NC.
  • MP 248.1 – NC Route 18 in Laurel Springs, NC.
  • MP 261.2 – NC Route 16 in Obids, NC.
  • MP 276.4 – US Route 421 in Deep Gap, NC, nearby to Boone.
  • MP 280.8 – US Routes 421/221 in Boone, NC.
  • MP 291.8 – US Routes 321/221 in Blowing Rock, NC.
  • MP 294.6 – US Route 221 in Blowing, Rock, NC.
  • MP 305.1 – US Route 221 in Linville, NC.
  • MP 312 – NC Route 181 in Newland, NC.
  • MP 317.5 – US Route 221 in Altamont, NC.
  • MP 330.9 – NC Route 226 in Marion, NC.
  • MP 344.1 – NC Route 80 in Marion, NC.
  • MP 382.5 – US Route 70 in Asheville, NC.
  • MP 384.7 – US Route 74 in Asheville, NC.
  • MP 388.8 – US Route 25 in Asheville, NC.
  • MP 393.6 – NC Route 191 in Asheville, NC.
  • MP 405.5 – NC Route 151 in Candler, NC.
  • MP 411.8 – US Route 276 in Canton, NC.
  • MP 423.2 – NC Route 215 in Balsam Grove, NC.
  • MP 443.1 – US Routes 74/23 in Waynesville, NC.
  • MP 455.7 – US Route 19 in Maggie Valley, NC.
  • MP 469.1 – US Route 441, Cherokee, NC.