Please note that the MAXIMUM speed limit on the Parkway is 45 mph, and it is often less than that in many areas. If it’s foggy or rainy, slow down even more. Keep an eye peeled for wildlife that might cross the road at any moment. There are lots of tight spiraling curves that, unlike most curves in other roads, get tighter as you move through them – don’t be caught off guard! Driving the Parkway is just a little trickier than most roads, but as long as you pay attention to your driving, you should be fine.

If you’re driving a large RV on the Parkway, please be considerate of other motorists. When you’re lugging up a steep grade at what feels like snail’s pace, be sure to pull over to let other traffic get around you. Also be sure to check out the height limitations on the tunnels, to make sure your RV will fit through without any problems!

YOU CANNOT BUY GAS ON THE PARKWAY! That may seem crazy, but when you think about how sensitive the watersheds and ecosystems really are, it makes even less sense to endanger them by trucking in gasoline and putting it in underground storage tanks.