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As the epicenter of the bluegrass music scene, the Blue Ridge Music Center’s indoor and outdoor auditoriums are always filled with the music of fiddle, banjo, and guitar; and visitors can have an extraordinary experience listening to and learning about America’s living music tradition.

The Blue Ridge region has produced more bluegrass musicians than any other place in the world and The Blue Ridge Music Center allows visitors to experience the music of local musicians in daily afternoon and evening concerts featuring bands like Stu Shenk & The Fisher Peak Timber Rattlers, The Buck Mountain Band, Bobby Patterson & Willard Gayheart, Bill & Maggie Anderson, and more.

Outdoors and Indoor Amphitheaters – Established by the U.S. Congress in 1997, The Music Center includes an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor interpretive center/theater, and The Roots of American Music — a free interactive exhibition highlighting the historical significance of the region’s music whose goal is to preserve and promote the historic music of Virginia and the Blue Ridge.

The exhibits trace the history of Blue Ridge Mountain Music through back to its European and West African roots, and show blue grass music’s influence on folk, rock, and pop music today. Visitors can learn about the variations of the ancient fiddle and banjo music of Virginia and North Carolina and trace the music back the African banjo and the European fiddle before the nation was created.

Ricky Skaggs and Rocking Chairs – Well-known local musicians also volunteer their time to share the music they love with visitors, inviting those who can pick a tune to join them as well. The Blue Ridge Music Center’s 3,000-seat outdoor amphitheater has state-of-the-art sound and lighting and is home to top-names and award-winning bands like Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury, and Ralph Stanley. Visitors can enjoy films and intimate performance talks in the Music Center indoor theater, or can relax in the center’s rocking chairs while listening to outdoor music and enjoying the scenic view of Fisher Peak.

The Blue Ridge Music Center was built on a 1,000-acre property on Fisher Peak near the Blue Ridge Parkway, through a partnership of the City of Galax, VA; the Blue Ridge Parkway; and the National Park Service. The center is also the starting point for two beautiful hiking trails, the easy, family friendly High Meadow Trail and the moderate Fisher Peak Loop Trail.

The Blue Ridge Music Center is located at Mile Post 213 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near the Virginia – North Carolina state line.