Riding your bicycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway can be a deeply satisfying way of forging a closer connection to the land. Be sure to wear high visibility clothing and a helmet. Make sure you bicycle is outfitted with all the required reflectors so that automobile drivers can see you. Stay as far right in the lane as can without going off the road. Remember, bicycles must stay on the paved road and may not be ridden on any trails or walkways.

And just to give you a heads up, there are some major uphill climbs as follows:

MP 24-48 (northbound) = 2,670 feet

MP 48-63 (northbound) = 1,870 feet

MP 0-24 (northbound) = 1,450

MP 63-76.7 (southbound) = 3,305 feet

MP 0-24 (southbound) = 2,810 feet

MP 24-48 (southbound) = 1,742 feet