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If camping isn’t quite your style and you love waking up to a gorgeous breakfast prepared just for you, then you might want to think about making reservations at any one of more than 60 different and elegant B&Bs along the Parkway. The following made the top of the list. The Sugar Tree Inn (MP 27). Whether you’re looking for rest, romance, beauty or adventure, all can be had in or nearby this mountainside inn with a spectacular view of Shenandoah valley from 2,800 feet. Enjoy breakfast in a glass-walled dining area as you plan what your day will have in store for you.

MP 171.5 – Ambrosia Farm B&B. This is a fully restored log-built farmhouse from 200 years ago! Tastefully decorated throughout with antiques that go beautifully with the house, there is also a large pasture that offers amazing sunset views.

MP 229 – Glade Valley Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful and modern log home completed in 2006 that is located right around the half-way point along the Parkway. Each room is tastefully decorated with National Park themes and includes a private bath. Attractions located just miles away include Doughton Park, Cumberland Knob, Stone Mountain State Park and the Blue Ridge Music Center.

MP 388 – 1847 Blake House in B&B. One of the oldest houses in Asheville, in 2010 it took its place on the National Register of Historic Places. This gorgeously restored house sits on 1.3 acres of land and is situated nearby to Jake Rusher Park. It features 7 different guest rooms, and welcomes dogs of any size, a rarity in B&Bs.

MP 469.1 – The Freymont Inn is located at the literal southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This beautiful Inn is included on the National Register of Historic Places, and was built in 1923. The historic elegance of stone fireplaces and historic lodgings are also complemented by a very modern swimming pool and rates that include both breakfast and dinner, both of which will impress you.